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Super MLS
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About Super MLS
Super MLS is an interactive website service allowing you to search and view extensive real estate listings by MLS. Search over 20,000 cities nationwide and 2 million listings to help with your real estate search. Use the FREE Super Tools for additional resources.

Super Tools

Neighborhood Demographics
Access neighborhood information and local business listings by zip code. Find comprehensive relocation information by city or community and learn about the average household income, crime rate, population density and more.

Mortgage Center
Use the mortgage tools to calculate your monthly mortgage rate, loan approximation, what you can qualify for, and refinancing options. View tips on how to save on your monthly mortgage, when to buy or rent, and advice on making good investments.

School Information
Find schools by district, location and type. View demographics on student population and student to teacher ratio. Interested in learning more about a specific school? You can submit a personal request and receive a response immediately.

Market Trends and Conditions
Read the current real estate market conditions by area. Examine housing market trends about buying and selling activity, asking price percentage, and type of market. Make smart investing decisions, depending on if it is a good time to buy or sell according to the market

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